I have to be careful what I say here, because while there are many things that I can do, the number of things that I want to do is more limited! Let me try to explain.

My ideal project is probably a 10-20 hour development project with a deadline of 4 to 6 weeks. Or, at the lower end of the scale, I'm happy to chat, discuss technology and offer opinions and suggestions on, or even teach anything that I'm reasonably up-to-speed on, for two or three hours. I like to make things and I like to see a positive effect for my client. I don't enjoy fixing things for other people though, as I have enough things of my own that need fixing, and that is frustrating enough. 

A project typically involves many tasks. For instance, building this site involved getting a service provider, securing a domain, designing a web page layout, structure and format which work on multiple screen sizes, logo creation, photography, image manipulation, word-crafting, SEO, Google analytics. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and FTP and testing that it all works under various conditions. I enjoy bringing all of that together to produce a cohesive whole, but I wouldn't necessarily enjoy doing any one of those as an isolated project.

If all of this sounds overly fussy, well, it is. If you think you'd enjoy working with someone who knows what he wants to do and isn't afraid to turn down what he doesn't want to do, then maybe we should talk.

Computer Scence grad. 33 years in Corporate IT. Independent IT consultant and developer since 2003. Based in Oakville, Ontario. Learn More about me

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$100/hr. But if it's a design or development project that tickles my fancy and the deadline is flexible, I may suggest a way which could cost you less. Learn More