Not everyone is going to be interested in this, but for those to whom this is relevant, read on, these are the tools I use...

Website development

I develop three main types of website: Wordpress, HTML and PHP. To test locally, I use XAMPP to create an Apache - PHP - MySQL environment that I manipulate using PHPAdmin. I host my websites at dotCanada, which uses cPanel for administration. I use Sublime Text, Dreamweaver CS5 and PineGrow Web editor PRO for editing, and Pinegrow WP for WordPress theme development. I have integrated with Bootstrap, jQuery, MYSQL, PayPal, PHPList, MailChimp, email and numerous APIs including Google maps, photo display addins like Pretty Photo, Google Analytics and so on. 

Database development

For local databases on Windows machines, I use MS Access. I used to use Paradox, but it's no longer well supported. For websites, I use MySQL. If you want to include Excel and Quattro Pro as databases as well, go for it.

Windows applications

I use a product called Delphi (Enterprise edition) to develop Windows applications, and apparently it has the capability to create smartphone apps as well, but I haven't tried that. I have a full set of DevExpress VCL components and this allows me to put together applications with a very nice user interface without having to make everything from scratch.

Image manipulation

I have the Adobe master collection CS5, and use Photoshop and Illustrator when needed. I also have the CorelDraw suite, which has its own versions of these, which I will occasionally use as well.  For photographic images I do most of my work in ACDSee Ultimate 10 (and all of my photographic cataloging). When necessary I will do pixel-fixing with Photoshop or Paintshop Pro. Going forward, I intend to update the Corel products but not the Adobe ones, as Adobe only offer a monthly option, and I can't justify that expense.

Document Publishing

My goto product is Adobe InDesign, as it's so much more predictable than MS Word. However, I can usually wrestle with Word until I make it do what I want, if necessary. For screen capture, I use Snagit. I have the 2013 Office suite, so I can also work with Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher etc. I also have an older version of Wordperfect Office, for when I get nostalgic.


I have a couple of decent Nikon bodies and a selection of Nikon and Sigma lenses to cover most eventualities. I also have a small lighting setup and green screen for object photos. As mentioned above, I use ACDSee mostly, with Photoshop and occasionally Paintshop.


I shoot on whatever I have handy (DSLR, point and shoot, phone) because you never know when something will need to be recorded. So far, I haven't done any commercial work. To edit the videos I use either Premiere Pro CS5 or Videostudio Pro X8 with New Blue FX Titler and some addins. 

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