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While I've always enjoyed helping people and organizations achieve their goals, discounting my worth to accommodate others was leaving me with less time to do what I like doing. So I've set my hourly rate at $100 per hour, which is still less than you've been quoted for house painting, isn't it?

However, if your needs and my likes happen to coincide, then maybe we can talk. For development projects that sound like fun, I will consider providing a fixed price, which will probably be based on a much lower per diem. (Whether my estimates are any good is another matter, and it may turn out to be a much lower per diem!) There are a couple of caveats: I won't accept any projects that you need yesterday, or even next week! There has to be a fairly flexible schedule. Secondly, for a larger project, I may divide it into phases, with the later phases estimated but not fixed price until the earlier phases are signed off.

And did I mention that there will be weeks that I'm not available for as long as you want or on the days that you want? C'est la vie.

- and benefits

The benefit to you is that you are getting someone who has been developing common sense solutions for 40+ years in many IT disciplines, all for the cost of someone with far less experience. Further, if at the end of a day (being billed hourly) you don't feel the result was worth the cost, let me know immediately and I will not bill you for that day.

Fixed price Quotations

As it says above, I will only be quoting on projects that look like fun. The idea is, instead of building something for my own amusement, I'll be building something for you and getting paid. You pay less, I get paid, win-win. So it has to be as much fun as the thing I stopped work on to work for you!

While my professional pride won't let me drag a project on unduly, if I'm working every free minute, it's not fun any more, so your schedule needs to be flexible.

At the earliest opportunity in the project, I will deliver something that gives you a good indication of how the product will look. This will not be a working model, but it will give you a sense of what I'm proposing. If the project is being split into phases, this will be at the end of a phase. This is your time to suggest changes. Every project will have a minimal change budget built in. If you have "too many" changes in a single phase project then I reserve the right to change the fixed price. You have the right to walk away. In a multi-phase project the changes will affect the quoted price for the next phase.

If you have any questions about these rates, please contact me by phone or e-mail.

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