Information Technology laced with Common Sense

I provide IT and web development, or consulting, services to small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and individuals in and around Oakville. Or via phone and e-mail. While I prefer to build an ongoing relationship where I can add more value as I understand your business better, I can also provide support for a single project. In fact, that's how it began with many of my long-term clients.

Oakville based

I work from home in Oakville, Ontario (that's in Canada, west of Toronto) and work part time. That leaves me time for my family and hobbies. It also allows me time to work out the best way to solve your problem, because I'm a perfectionist still trying to kick the habit, but mostly failing! If I was working full time to tight deadlines, I'd have to charge full market price, but as I'm restricting how many days I work, it doesn't seem fair to charge that.

Background: IT Manager

My background is best summarised as "IT Manager" and when I first hung out my shingle as an entrepreneur, I  thought that's the kind of business I'd get, but life has a way of throwing a few curve balls. It seems that what many of you want is fairly straight-forward: creating a brochure or a flyer; developing a process to register people for a weekend workshop; summarising the evaluation forms... and so on. As I've always been a generalist rather than a specialist, I can apply skills (and common sense) to many varied problems and find a soution. 

IT Developer

Once in a while I have the pleasure of developing a real application, like a custom membership database. Even though I'm not a web-site developer by profession, I'm surprised at how much web work I've been called on to do. I suppose common sense and an appreciation of how to make something clear, simple and useable goes a long way!

Get in touch

I'd like to help. Read more about me, then give me a call or send me a message. Thanks for visiting my web site.

Computer Scence grad. 33 years in Corporate IT. Independent IT consultant and developer since 2003. Based in Oakville, Ontario. Learn More about me

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