About the photos on this site

So, you may be wondering, what's with the photos? Good question.

Well, you can't just have words on a web page; too boring. I could go to a stock photo site and get pictures of some slick fellow looking intelligent in front of a computer, or the ever popular beautiful people sitting around a table with three pristine pieces of paper in front of them with perfect stain-free ceramic coffee mugs, all pretending to be discussing something important. Or not. On my original site, I had pictures of trees around water - creek-wood, get it? I don't think anyone ever did.

So, in my senior years I'm indulging myself, and I've chosen photos that look fairly good in a short-wide format. It happens that photos I've used as facebook cover photos fit just fine, so that's what I'm using. Are they relevant? Yes, if they keep your attention, and you got this far, didn't you?

For your viewing pleasure, here are all the photos together:

Autumn treescape Sunflower Daisy Bee on Balloon flower Squirrel Icy Tree stump Bleeding Heart Geese in flight Inuksuk 1 Inuksuk photo missing

You can click on any one to get more viewing options.

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